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Our Team

“Our team collaborates to help educate and empower each client with the perspectives and resources they need to understand their financial plan.”

Eric Brotman, Chief Executive Officer/Advisor

At BFG Financial Advisors, we believe that our clients deserve to have expert guidance — delivered by caring professionals who continually look out for their best interests. We formed a team of professionals whose combined expertise and passion for helping others translates into steadfast financial stewardship of our clients’ wellbeing.

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Below are some of the ways that our team supports clients just a little differently here at Brotman Financial Group:

We provide fiduciary support — and always have.

Serving as a fiduciary for clients, where advisors put your needs and interests first, has become an industry buzzword. But to us, this approach has been the backbone of our service since forming our practice. As an independent firm, we have never been bound to any priorities other than the ones you seek to achieve. Our service is here for you first — today and every day.

Every Financial Advisor is a Certified Financial PlannerTM Practitioner.

Every financial advisor at BFG Financial Advisors has earned the CFP® designation or has begun their professional education towards their designation. We believe that this professional accreditation matters because it deepens the financial acumen that we can each bring to your financial planning. This designation also holds people accountable to elevated professional service standards and a layer of ethical scrutiny and guidance that we believe is highly important.

Our advisors are multigenerational.

Our financial advisors are Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials. This means that you’ll have members of your consultative team who can relate to each of your loved ones’ perspectives. No matter your generational goals, we can identify with you and assess your needs with well-rounded perspectives.

We represent different backgrounds of expertise.

We believe that our individual backgrounds make us a stronger team together. We purposefully hire professionals who bring varied and relevant expertise. From a financial advisor who is also a CPA — so we can deepen the tax perspectives we offer — to advisors with vast government and nonprofit experience, and beyond, our differences create our combined professional strength.

We collaborate for and with every client we serve.

From our perspective, no one does their best work in isolation. Collaboration is built into the core of how we work. We collaborate not only as a team but also with your other trusted advisors, and — most importantly —with you; we appreciate your voice and perspectives throughout our relationship.

We nurture the next talent with a meaningful apprenticeship program.

Often, our industry forces new hires to focus on business development, but we believe the only way to develop expertise is by allowing young advisors to focus on their work. When new financial advisors join our team, we nurture their talents by putting them directly on our teams, supporting client relationships while on a well-defined professional track. From day one, they gain hands-on knowledge of what it takes to serve clients and help them live their best lives. As a result, we have very low advisor turnover — deepening our ability to be a lasting, united, and dependable resource for you.