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Estate & Legacy Planning

At BFG Financial Advisors, we understand that knowing how to preserve wealth into the next generation legally and technically can be overwhelming and confusing. With many laws to consider, tax strategies to address, and family dynamics to manage, doing everything on your own can leave you open to potential pitfalls.

Having professional oversight into your estate and legacy planning can help ensure you soundly address your multigenerational needs with a single advisory contact. By working with our team, we'll help to:

  • Identify your specific needs and values and how you wish to pass on your legacy
  • Analyze actions you need to take in order to protect your estate and legacy today and tomorrow
  • Ease the burden by synchronizing our efforts with your estate planning attorney
  • Provide professional oversight as you strive to meet your goals and make adjustments to keep you on track, as needed

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Video Legacy Services with Acknowledge Media

We understand how important family is and that preserving a legacy isn’t always just about a financial estate.

The unique story of your loved one’s life and your family’s history, is also their legacy. We have partnered with Acknowledge Media to offer our clients access to legacy video services that can help preserve your loved one’s stories, laughter, advice, and other details you cherish about them. Losing a family member is already difficult. Our goal is to offer you a creative, thoughtful way to preserve their and your family’s unique story, so you always have that part of their legacy to remember and share with those you love.

Legacy Film Samples

Click on the image above for a short snippet from Diane Whyms' Legacy Film.

Click on the image above for a short snippet from Jerry Brotman's Legacy Film.

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