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Retire Wealthy: The Tools You Need to Help Build Lasting Wealth

Retire Wealthy, author Eric D. Brotman’s second book, aims to provide readers with the tools needed to achieve financial independence in retirement. Specifically, Retire Wealthy serves as a financial literacy resource for readers who want to learn the basics of financial planning and wealth-building – whether working on one’s own or with a financial advisor. This highly informative book breaks down investment principals and vehicles in simple language to take the fear out of financial planning and motivate readers to begin the journey to financial independence.

Relevant to any individual or family who is in the position to begin or continue growing wealth, Retire Wealthy extends useful information to people who may not have access to a financial advisor but still have need for expert advice. Recognized regional financial expert Eric D. Brotman breaks today’s complex financial world down into the basic steps everyone should take to begin the journey to lasting financial independence, including:

  1. Avoid adverse debt. Learn why it is vital to wipe all debt off of your balance sheet first and foremost, and practical approaches to do so.
  2. Spend less than you make. Brotman emphasizes that if you can learn to live on approximately 85 percent of your income, you will have the ability to begin growing your wealth.
  3. Build a risk management plan. Know the 11 financial tools you should use to protect your wealth from unforeseen events.
  4. Diversify your investments. Start by establishing different types of accounts – retirement accounts and non-retirement accounts.
  5. Maintain a current estate plan. Learn the four legal documents most individuals need, regardless of their level of wealth.
  6. Assemble an advisory dream team. Brotman offers recommendations for interviewing and finding the right Certified Financial Planner® Practitioner and other key advisors, including attorneys, accountants, mortgage bankers, and others.

Click Here to view our Retire Wealthy Infographic: "Your Financial Independence: A Starter Guide"

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Debt Free for Life: The Tools You Need to Free Yourself from Debt

Eric Brotman's first book, Debt-Free for Life: The Tools You Need to Free Yourself From Debt, uncovers the essential information, sensible strategies, and free resources you can use to eliminate debt for good. Part of the One Hour or LessTM educational series for busy readers, this fast, 60-minute guide is not only for people whose debt has overwhelmed them, but also for anyone who wants to reduce interest payments and pay off loans faster.

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